Manteia is an advanced data mining system that allows researchers to combine a variety of data and tools in order to test hypotheses and address complex biological questions.
To start with Manteia select a tool from the menu above or using the links below. Data can be combined using our query builder or the refine tool as explained in our tutorials.
If you don't know where to start, you probably want to look for a particular gene using Molecule search or analyze a list of genes using Batch gene entry.

Manteia combines data from


Manteia has been updated to version 7.0
v.6.0 is available here
A new publication about the latest tools and data available in Manteia has been published in NAR.
New gene prioritization tool: Lookalike.
New gene expression tool based on Human RNA seq and Microarrays.
Check out our tutorial video on youtube:
12 minutes to understand the main concepts of Manteia.
Read our article in NAR.
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Public release v. 7.0
October 2018


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