Query builder allows you to build your own boolean query using a mixture of data from Manteia .

* select a type of data (1).

* enter a keyword (2).

* select one suggestion (3).

* press "ADD" (4).

eg. PHENO("MP:0002114") or GO("GO:0001756") and SPECIES("Mus musculus")

* use the "###" key to separate several queries and rank the genes according to the number of condition they meet.

* The number folowing the "###" is the weight given to the query. eg. PHENO("MP:0002114") ###2 GO("GO:0001756") ###1

* in addition you can get the orthologs from a query using ORTHO("Species",'query'). e.g. ORTHO("Homo sapiens", 'PHENO("MP:0001688")')

* you can get the genes from a specific chromosome location using CHRP("Chr number","start","end","species"). e.g. CHRP("11","100224","5003394","Homo sapiens")

* Phenotype keywords are species specific. Identifiers starting with HP, MP and ZFA should be used for human, mouse and zebrafish respectively.

Query builder

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