Batch stat tools

    This tool allows to run several stat tools at the same time.

* Enter a name for your set of genes in the first box.

* Enter the Ensembl IDs corresponding to the set of genes in the second box.

* Select the type of annotation you want to include in the analysis.

* Press "Submit".

you can also batch process several gene sets using this format:

Note: if you don't have Ensembl IDs, use "Batch Gene Entry" to convert your identifiers then use "Export gene ID list" in the "Refine" menu


Gene ID list*:

Annotation sets to analyze
Gene Ontology Biological Process Gene Ontology Molecular function Gene Ontology Cellular component
Phenotype annotation
Protein motifs
Chromosomal locus distribution

Select annotation shared by at least of the training set with a Pvalue ‹

 Enter your IDs one per line, separated by a space or a ":"


0 s.

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