Gallus gallus

Gene ID: ENSGALG00000006860
Biological name :KIF3A
Synonyms : KIF3A / kinesin-like protein KIF3A
Possible biological names infered from orthology : kinesin family member 3A / P28741 / Q9Y496
Species: Gallus gallus
Chr. number: 13
Strand: -1
Gene start: 17046796
Gene end: 17065754
Corresponding Affymetrix probe sets: GgaAffx.4247.1.A1_at (Chicken Array)   GgaAffx.4282.1.S1_at (Chicken Array)   GgaAffx.4282.2.S1_s_at (Chicken Array)   
Cross references: Ensembl peptide - ENSGALP00000011091
NCBI entrez gene - 416332     See in Manteia.
RefSeq - NM_001030622
RefSeq - XM_015294028
RefSeq - XM_015294029
RefSeq Peptide - NP_001025793
swissprot - F1NIP3
Ensembl - ENSGALG00000006860
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Ortholog prediction (from Ensembl)
Ortholog nameID Species
 kif3aENSDARG00000087538Danio rerio
 KIF3AENSG00000131437Homo sapiens
 Kif3aENSMUSG00000018395Mus musculus

Paralog prediction (from Ensembl)
Paralog nameIDSimilarity(%)
KIF3B / kinesin family member 3B / O15066* / Q61771* / Kinesin-like protein KIF3B Kinesin-like protein KIF3B, N-terminally processed*ENSGALG0000000660451
KIF3C / kinesin family member 3C / O14782* / O35066* / Kinesin-like protein KIF3C *ENSGALG0000002697347
KIF11 / kinesin-like protein KIF11 / P52732* / Q6P9P6* / kinesin family member 11*ENSGALG0000003059732
KIF15 / kinesin family member 15 / Q6P9L6* / Q9NS87* / Kinesin-like protein KIF15 *ENSGALG0000003664530
KIF5C / kinesin family member 5C / O60282* / P28738* / Kinesin heavy chain isoform 5C *ENSGALG0000001246230
KIF21A / kinesin family member 21A / Q7Z4S6* / Q9QXL2* / Kinesin-like protein KIF21A *ENSGALG0000000709829
KIF4A / chromosome-associated kinesin KIF4 / Kif4* / KIF4B* / Q2VIQ3* / O95239* / P33174* / kinesin family member 4B* / kinesin family member 4A*ENSGALG0000000419529
KIF7 / kinesin family member 7 / Q2M1P5*ENSGALG0000000661128
KIF5B / kinesin family member 5B / P33176* / Q61768* / Kinesin-1 heavy chain *ENSGALG0000000721528
KIF27 / kinesin family member 27 / Q7M6Z4* / Q86VH2* / Kinesin-like protein KIF27 *ENSGALG0000001258827
CENPE* / Q02224* / centromere protein E*ENSGALG0000001320827
KIF21B / kinesin family member 21B / O75037*ENSGALG0000003434723

Protein motifs (from Interpro)
Interpro ID Name
 IPR001752  Kinesin motor domain
 IPR019821  Kinesin motor domain, conserved site
 IPR027417  P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase
 IPR027640  Kinesin-like protein

Gene Ontology (GO)
TypeGO IDTermEv.Code
 biological_processGO:0001701 in utero embryonic development IEA
 biological_processGO:0001822 kidney development IEA
 biological_processGO:0001947 heart looping IEA
 biological_processGO:0007018 microtubule-based movement IBA
 biological_processGO:0007224 smoothened signaling pathway IEA
 biological_processGO:0007368 determination of left/right symmetry IEA
 biological_processGO:0007507 heart development IEA
 biological_processGO:0008544 epidermis development IEA
 biological_processGO:0009952 anterior/posterior pattern specification IEA
 biological_processGO:0009953 dorsal/ventral pattern formation IEA
 biological_processGO:0010457 centriole-centriole cohesion IEA
 biological_processGO:0021542 dentate gyrus development IEA
 biological_processGO:0021904 dorsal/ventral neural tube patterning IEA
 biological_processGO:0021915 neural tube development IEA
 biological_processGO:0022008 neurogenesis IBA
 biological_processGO:0034454 microtubule anchoring at centrosome IEA
 biological_processGO:0036334 epidermal stem cell homeostasis IEA
 biological_processGO:0044458 motile cilium assembly IEA
 biological_processGO:0050679 positive regulation of epithelial cell proliferation IEA
 biological_processGO:0060122 inner ear receptor cell stereocilium organization IEA
 biological_processGO:0060271 cilium assembly IEA
 biological_processGO:0061351 neural precursor cell proliferation IEA
 biological_processGO:1905515 non-motile cilium assembly IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0005814 centriole IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0005871 kinesin complex IBA
 cellular_componentGO:0005874 microtubule IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0005929 cilium IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0016939 kinesin II complex IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0030990 intraciliary transport particle IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0031514 motile cilium IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0032391 photoreceptor connecting cilium IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0043005 neuron projection IEA
 molecular_functionGO:0000166 nucleotide binding IEA
 molecular_functionGO:0003774 motor activity IEA
 molecular_functionGO:0003777 microtubule motor activity IBA
 molecular_functionGO:0005524 ATP binding IEA
 molecular_functionGO:0008017 microtubule binding IEA
 molecular_functionGO:0016887 ATPase activity IBA

Pathways (from Reactome)
Pathway description
Hedgehog off state
Intraflagellar transport
Hedgehog on state
Activation of SMO
COPI-dependent Golgi-to-ER retrograde traffic

Phenotype (from MGI, Zfin or HPO)
IDPhenotypeDefinition Genetic BG
No match

Interacting proteins (from Reactome)
Interactor ID Name Interaction type
No match


1 s.

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