Homo sapiens

Gene ID: ENSG00000109083
Biological name :IFT20
Synonyms : IFT20 / intraflagellar transport 20 / Q8IY31
Possible biological names infered from orthology :
Species: Homo sapiens
Chr. number: 17
Strand: -1
Band: q11.2
Gene start: 28328325
Gene end: 28335489
Corresponding Affymetrix probe sets: 210312_s_at (Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array)   
Cross references: Ensembl peptide - ENSP00000464443
Ensembl peptide - ENSP00000462163
Ensembl peptide - ENSP00000378809
Ensembl peptide - ENSP00000350570
Ensembl peptide - ENSP00000464147
Ensembl peptide - ENSP00000464210
Ensembl peptide - ENSP00000484842
Ensembl peptide - ENSP00000463138
Ensembl peptide - ENSP00000463322
Ensembl peptide - ENSP00000464033
NCBI entrez gene - 90410     See in Manteia.
OMIM - 614394
RefSeq - NM_174887
RefSeq - NM_001267774
RefSeq - NM_001267775
RefSeq - NM_001267776
RefSeq - NM_001267777
RefSeq - NM_001267778
RefSeq Peptide - NP_001254703
RefSeq Peptide - NP_777547
RefSeq Peptide - NP_001254707
RefSeq Peptide - NP_001254706
RefSeq Peptide - NP_001254705
RefSeq Peptide - NP_001254704
swissprot - Q8IY31
swissprot - A0A024QZ08
swissprot - A0A087X2B4
swissprot - J3KRU2
swissprot - J3QR43
swissprot - J3QRC6
swissprot - J3QRH2
Ensembl - ENSG00000109083
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Ortholog prediction (from Ensembl)
Ortholog nameID Species
 ift20ENSDARG00000040556Danio rerio
 IFT20ENSGALG00000005707Gallus gallus
 Ift20ENSMUSG00000001105Mus musculus

Paralog prediction (from Ensembl)
Paralog nameIDSimilarity(%)
No match

Protein motifs (from Interpro)
Interpro ID Name
 IPR028172  Intraflagellar transport protein 20

Gene Ontology (GO)
TypeGO IDTermEv.Code
 biological_processGO:0001736 establishment of planar polarity IEA
 biological_processGO:0001822 kidney development IEA
 biological_processGO:0007224 smoothened signaling pathway IEA
 biological_processGO:0008542 visual learning IEA
 biological_processGO:0022008 neurogenesis IEA
 biological_processGO:0030030 cell projection organization IEA
 biological_processGO:0034067 protein localization to Golgi apparatus IMP
 biological_processGO:0035735 intraciliary transport involved in cilium assembly TAS
 biological_processGO:0035845 photoreceptor cell outer segment organization IEA
 biological_processGO:0036372 opsin transport IEA
 biological_processGO:0042073 intraciliary transport IEA
 biological_processGO:0051642 centrosome localization IEA
 biological_processGO:0055007 cardiac muscle cell differentiation IEA
 biological_processGO:0060122 inner ear receptor cell stereocilium organization IEA
 biological_processGO:0060271 cilium assembly IMP
 biological_processGO:0060828 regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway IEA
 biological_processGO:0061351 neural precursor cell proliferation IEA
 biological_processGO:0061512 protein localization to cilium IEA
 biological_processGO:0072659 protein localization to plasma membrane IEA
 biological_processGO:0090102 cochlea development IEA
 biological_processGO:1902017 regulation of cilium assembly ISS
 biological_processGO:2000785 regulation of autophagosome assembly ISS
 cellular_componentGO:0000139 Golgi membrane TAS
 cellular_componentGO:0001750 photoreceptor outer segment IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0005737 cytoplasm IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0005794 Golgi apparatus IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0005801 cis-Golgi network IDA
 cellular_componentGO:0005813 centrosome IDA
 cellular_componentGO:0005814 centriole IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0005856 cytoskeleton IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0005902 microvillus IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0005929 cilium TAS
 cellular_componentGO:0030992 intraciliary transport particle B ISS
 cellular_componentGO:0031514 motile cilium IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0032391 photoreceptor connecting cilium IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0032420 stereocilium IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0036064 ciliary basal body IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0042995 cell projection IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0044292 dendrite terminus IEA
 cellular_componentGO:0070062 extracellular exosome HDA
 cellular_componentGO:0097542 ciliary tip TAS
 cellular_componentGO:0097546 ciliary base IEA
 cellular_componentGO:1902636 kinociliary basal body IEA
 molecular_functionGO:0002046 opsin binding IEA
 molecular_functionGO:0005515 protein binding IPI
 molecular_functionGO:0017137 Rab GTPase binding IPI

Pathways (from Reactome)
Pathway description
Intraflagellar transport

Phenotype (from MGI, Zfin or HPO)
IDPhenotypeDefinition Genetic BG
No match

Interacting proteins (from Reactome)
Interactor ID Name Interaction type
 ENSG00000084731 KIF3C / O14782 / kinesin family member 3C  / complex / reaction
 ENSG00000075945 KIFAP3 / Q92845 / kinesin associated protein 3  / reaction / complex
 ENSG00000100815 Q15643 / TRIP11 / thyroid hormone receptor interactor 11  / complex
 ENSG00000101350 KIF3B / O15066 / kinesin family member 3B  / complex / reaction
 ENSG00000131437 KIF3A / Q9Y496 / kinesin family member 3A  / reaction / complex


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